A recent study confirms that financial problems cause mental and mental disorders

A recent study in the United States revealed that people who suffer from a difficult financial situation suffer from fatigue, and they are exposed to difficult psychological conditions such as crying and feelings of guilt. According to the study conducted by the credit company Credit Scissors, 82 per cent of those who have accumulated debts due to a credit card feel tired and stressed. The results added that 40 per cent of these defaulters feel shame, while a quarter of respondents confirmed that they cried and shed tears because of their “complex” financial situation. Competent says in psychotherapy, Amy Daramos, the tension caused by the financial situation leads to the consequences of pain in the body, as it also affects the work of the immune system. And when the immune system weakens, this means that the person becomes more susceptible to disease, and therefore, “lack of money” may lead to head and stomach pain.

financial problems
financial problems

parts say that a person who is under stress and pressure from thinking about money suffers from a decrease in blood flow at the level of several regions of the brain. The researcher adds that the person who is going through a financial crisis does not think much about the future consequences, because the most important thing for him is to get out of the impasse in him, as he is ready to ask for a loan with high benefits, as long as this step is able to alleviate his crisis in the short term. And a mental health professional, Carla Marie Manley, warns that financial crises and accumulated debts are not as simple as we think, because sometimes it leads to suicide in the absence of immediate, easy solutions, according to the Huffington Post

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