Angular vs other Framework , Angular JS , Features of Angular

Angular vs other Framework

Nowadays Angular is becoming king of all client-side languages. Let’s have a look at Angular vs other Framework and some history in client-side languages. Wait let’s have a look what are over choices.

Angular vs other frameworks , Angular JS , Features of Angular

As you have seen in the above image our choices are

  • Desktop App
  • Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Satellite Apps
  • Website

For each of them, we need an almost separate tool and technology. But now they are under own roof wow, from many years it was the dream of a developer which came in reality now by Angular. 

Angular vs other Framework market Analysis

What were our choices before this? Here is a list of choices.

  • Backbone
  • React
  • Amber
  • Asp.Net (Client)
  • Knockout

But important things are they all were libraries. Mean Angular JS is a complete framework. As it is an open source framework so all the third party libraries are merging in it.

Web Search


MetricAngular JsBackBoneEmber JS
Stars on GitHub27.2K18K11K
Third Party Module1800 Modules236 Back Plugins21
StackOverflow Question45.5K15.9K11.2
YouTube Results85K16K6K
Git Contributors2500230393

So Angular is the BEST Yeah?

Let’s discuss the main features of it.

  • Complete framework.
  • Rich Internet Application.
  • Provide MVC architecture on client side.
  • Cross-browsing platform.
  • Provide SPA template (Best Feature)

Some of the core features of Angular JS are:

  • Data Binding
  • Providers
  • Validator
  • Directives
  • controllers
  • Modules
  • Services
  • Filters
  • Dependency Injection