Car Insurance for Spanish Citizens Living in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to drive a car, van or truck without the minimum insurance coverage, called “third party” insurance. It is the equivalent of Third Party Vehicle Insurance(mandatory civil liability or compulsory insurance) of Spain. In the United Kingdom, not having adequate insurance could result in a car embargo and a large fine.

Of course, “third party” coverage is the minimum, but you probably want to expand it to include “fire and theft” coverage or even “fully comprehensive”, the equivalent of insurance to all risk in Spain. In fact, the whole risk can be cheaper!

The prices of car insurance vary considerably, so it’s worth comparing. The fastest way to get a large number of budgets is by visiting an online price comparison. You only have to enter your data once to get a variety of personalized quotes

Car Insurance for Spanish Citizens Living in the UK

In the UK, it is against the law to drive a car, van or truck without the bare minimum of insurance cover, known as third party insurance. This is the equivalent to mandatory civil liability or secure mandatory liability in Spain. In the UK, you can have the right insurance and it could result in your car being seized and you facing a large fine.

Of course, “third party” cover is the bare minimum and it’s likely you’ll want to extend this to include “fire and theft” cover or even “fully comprehensive” the equivalent to all risk insurance in Spain. In fact, fully comprehensive can often be cheaper!

Prices for car insurance vary greatly so it pays to shop around. The quickest way to obtain a large number of competitive quotes is to visit a comparison website. Just enter your details once and you’ll be presented with a variety of quotes based on those details