Toilet that cannot be seated for more than 5 minutes

The toilet cannot be seated for more than 5 minutes. Researchers have developed a new toilet that pushes people to leave the bathroom within 5 minutes. Marking an end to wasting time on long breaks in offices and workplaces.

Toilet that cannot be seated for more than 5 minutes

The designers tilted the toilet 13 degrees but to be uncomfortable and harmless at the same time. Prompting the user to leave it within a very short time.

The British Toilet Association (BTA)

The British Toilet Association (BTA), a group campaigning for better bathroom facilities in offices and public places, supported the innovation designed by a startup called StandardToilet.

And the toilet seat comes tilted forward by about 13 degrees. To increase pressure on the legs similar to the squat movement, according to developer Mahabir Gail.

The Staffordshire-based company says it has attracted highway service interest in a toilet costing from but to 150 to 500 pounds. A toilet that cannot be seated for more than 5 minutes

The team hopes to target the offices because they believe that reducing the length of employee rest periods in the bathroom will significantly improve productivity.

“In the UK alone, it is estimated that a long employee break costs industry. And commerce 4 billion pounds a year,” Gail said.

He explained that the innovative toilet provides health benefits. But by improving the position and spending less time sitting on the toilet, which helps reduce musculoskeletal disorders.

Medical studies indicate that using a traditional toilet can cause enlarged haemorrhoids and pelvic muscles.

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