Diet according to Blood Group

Hi all!! Today I will discuss a curious topic, blood type diet review, popularized by a naturopath doctor, D. Peter D’Adomo in his book ” eat right for your type “, in the United States in 1996; it is based on the belief that each person has a perfect diet for herself based on her blood group, since it determines certain genetic characteristics. This diet does not promise to lose weight but ensures to prevent diseases derived from inadequate nutrition.

First of all, explain that the blood group is the classification given to the blood according to the proteins that are found outside of red blood cells (blood cells). Scientifically, 4 types are known and depending on them, this type of diet specifies what foods are recommended. Thus, and in a summarized way blood type diet review:


* Group A. – The ” farmer ” is doing well with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, as well as proteins of vegetable origin. That is why red meat does not tolerate them too much.

* Group B. – the ” nomad “, tolerates vegetables, dairy and all meat except chicken. You should avoid wheat, corn, tomatoes, lentils and peanuts, and should also perform moderate physical exercise.

* Group AB.- the ” enigma “, a mixture of the previous two, you can eat seafood, dairy, tofu and cereals, avoiding corn and beef and chicken. You must perform moderate physical exercise.

* Group 0. – The “hunter“, compatible with the other three blood groups, is doing well with a diet rich in animal proteins, fruits and vegetables, avoiding cereals, legumes and dairy products as much as possible, since he tolerates them well. You must perform intense physical exercise. blood type diet review

Blood group diet

blood type diet review


Currently, there is no scientific evidence that a specific diet based on this type of diet is effective since a priori all produce beneficial effects on the health of anyone since they are based on the consumption of healthy foods and also recommend physical exercise. In addition, they are diets that favour adherence to them, since anyone who thinks that a portion of food does not eat it ” because it does not do well “, will find it easier not to eat it.

That is why despite everything, it is true that this type of diet, precisely because they do not include processed foods and healthy and varied foods, both short and long term will be beneficial for health.

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