Facebook targets the “Tick Talk” program to launch a new competitor application

The Next Web stated that Facebook will launch its Lasso app in India by mid-this year to compete with the TikTok app.

Vesak launched the short video application Lasso in the United States, Colombia and Mexico, and it is likely that it will be released next May in a number of other countries, as it is scheduled to be released in the rest of the world.

The American tech company launched the Lasso app in the United States in 2018 and then it was released in Mexico last year, and the number of times the application downloaded about half a million downloads in the United States and 2.2 million downloads in Mexico.

Facebook wants to target the number of 627 million potential users of the application in India, and the TikTok application has achieved great success in India, where the number of downloading reached half a billion downloads out of a billion and a half downloads in all countries of the world.

The application is used by about 200 million users in India, and the Indian government asked Google and Apple to ban it in India because of the use of the application for the circulation of sexual videos, but the ban was recently lifted

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