How to avoid weight gain in winter and ways to reduce it before the spring

How to avoid weight gain in winter. Increases the desire of many people eating and eating foods during the winter season. In addition to the lack of movement during the cold weather. Which leads to weight gain .ihol many people to get rid of excess weight. They have gained in the winter, which leads them to visit sports clubs. Hoping to get the perfect body before the advent of the spring.

That the process of maintaining weight starts from the winter season. Through the quality of foods and movement that we do in this season. According to what was published by “Forbes”.

The top 5 reasons to gain weight in the winter

1- Lack of movement: which is a major cause of weight gain in the winter. As the cold weather in this season pushes many to lack of movement and sitting at home. Which leads to a small burning of calories.

And many studies have shown that many people gain more weight in this chapter from 1 to 2 kg compared to the rest of the year.

2- Lack of water: where the dryness of the body activates some cells related to hunger and thirst in the brain, which leads us to eat more food.

3- Cold climates: They cause hypothermia, which causes us to make up for this loss by eating foods such as starches, chocolate and sweets of all kinds.

4 – Not to be exposed to the sun: where the body suffers from a type of depression, so many tend to make up for it with a number of starchy foods to feel happy.

5- Winter Depression: Studies have confirmed a relationship between low levels of serotonin. Which is known to control mood and depression, and between increased appetite during winter.

This can be overcome by eating high-fat fish and omega-3, which in turn improves mood. How to avoid weight gain in winter.

Winter weight loss methods

1- Focusing on natural fats: where the body needs fat to burn energy and give a feeling of warmth. So it is advised to provide natural fats such as those in almonds, olives, and salmon, which do not cause an increase in weight and improve a person’s general mood.

2- Fruit instead of sweets: It is advised to eat fruits as a substitute for sweets in case we want something sweet.

3- Sleeping as a means to conserve energy: The day is characterized by its shortness and coldness in the winter. So the need for sleep is more, and this is good because that leads to energy conservation in the body.

But you should not eat fatty foods four hours before bed.

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