Men attracting women’s chest has neurological and psychological reasons

The authors, Larry Young and Brian Alexander, who recently released the book “Chemistry Between Us – Love, Sex, and Affinity,” believe that the real reason men love a woman’s chest is due to a simple hormone secreted during breastfeeding. , to strengthen the relationship between the child and his mother, which also leads to A strong relationship between lovers.

 And that is in an attempt to answer the old question, which people have always been puzzled, which is why men love a woman ‘s chest? and they have tried through the book to analyze the emotional, biological and cultural emitter behind this love.

 And Mr Young, an expert in sociological neural interconnection, wrote an article in the Huffington Post explaining that “biologically, men’s obsession with a woman’s chest is really strange, men are the only mammals who are sexually obsessed with women, and Women are the only mammals whose breasts grow larger at puberty, regardless of pregnancy, and we are also the only species of mammals in which males massage and stimulate female breasts, using the mouth, during foreplay and intercourse.

“Women enjoy more breast-directed attention,” said Roy Levin of the University of “Sheffield” and Cindy Miston of the University of “Texas” surveyed 153 women, about breast stimulation, and the results showed that stimulation of the breast or nipples Sexual arousal strengthens in about 82% of women, and about 60% of women ask to touch their nipples. “

 The authors cite the success of pornographic magazines, as clear evidence and proof, that men are highly attracted to a woman’s breasts, but the attraction is natural and not emerging from their point of view. Children do not learn in their childhood that the breast is something that should be taken care of, but it is a biological concern rooted in the depths of our minds.

Research has also shown that when men encounter breasts or any stimulator related to the breast, such as bras, they begin to make incorrect decisions.

 And evolutionary biologists pointed out that breasts consist mostly of fat, and therefore it is a sign for a man that this woman is in good health, and consequently, the man’s thinking is directed to her high readiness for pregnancy and child-rearing.

 Another theory based on the assumption that many monkeys engage in sexual intercourse from behind, which was used to explain the reason behind the female monkeys deliberately showing their butts.

 The theory said that for a person, the purpose of a woman’s chest is to imitate the features of the back of the apes. The authors completely rejected the two ideas, noting that there is an explanation in terms of nervousness, which links the mechanism of the human mind responsible for forming a strong relationship between the mother and her children, with the same mechanism responsible for the attraction between men and women.

 And they said, “When a woman gives birth, the newborn begins to play with his mother’s breast clearly, so the brain begins sending signals to the hypothalamus, to release the hormone oxytocin, and it stimulates the muscles inside the woman’s breasts to release milk to breastfeed her child, but oxytocin also has other effects. When it is secreted because of a child, the woman’s focus is entirely on her child, and the child becomes the most important thing in the world for her. ”

 They added, “Oxytocin works with dopamine, which helps to save the child’s face, voice and smell in the woman’s nervous system, which makes the process of care and breastfeeding a wonderful experience for women, and motivates her to continue to do so, creating a strong relationship and bond between the woman and her child.” And this type of attachment is not only beautiful, but it is also possible that it is one of the bonds that last more than any other bond, and lasts for life, and when a man touches, massages or bites a woman’s breasts, it generates the same series of events in the brain. “

 The authors conclude that this mania is an evolution in the functions of the organ responsible for forming a strong bond between the mother and her baby, because the secretion of oxytocin directs the attention of the mind towards the face of the sexual partner, its smell, and its voice, and the authors believe that the secretion of oxytocin caused by stimulating the breast, with the increase In dopamine resulting from excitement, foreplay, and face-to-face intercourse, it helps to form a relationship between the partners ’face and eyes, and a sense of pleasure, which begins to form a bond in a woman’s mind.

The fascination of men with the breasts of women is an unconscious development, which prompts us to operate devices responsible for creating love and care.