Night Running Tips

Night Running Tips: Now that the temperatures are going to rise more and more, it is possible that going out during the day seems impossible, and it is totally understandable. But that does not mean you have to stop practicing running. When the heat tightens, the best moments to run are dawn and dusk, when the sun goes down. If you find it impossible to get up early even more than you do, you may choose to run at night, when you have finished with all the tasks of the day and temperatures drop.In that case, the basic recommendations for running must be added some more precautions that are essential if you run at night.

Night Running Tips

Keep in mind dinner time

When we are going to run it is better not to do it with a full stomach. If you need fuel before you start, take something light, such as a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts. When you return home, you will have won over a refreshing shower and dinner. If instead, you prefer to dine earlier, try to do it early, wait a reasonable time, and avoid copious foods that complicate your digestion.

USE visible with fluorescent clothes

To run at night it is necessary to get a bright kit that is very easy to get. Visibility is essential, especially if you run near roads or highways, and the reflective clothing is what will make the headlights of the cars illuminate and you can go safe.

The options are many, so choose the combination that best suits you and illuminates you: vests, tights, side bands, caps and even reflective shoes that make you completely visible for night traffic. By the way, if you are going by road, remember to always run facing traffic, since it is the best way to see the vehicles and that they see you.

Night Running Tips

Beware of the volume of the music

We know that listening to good music that motivates you can be fundamental to encourage you to keep running. But the truth is that by doing so you are eliminating the sense of hearing, which is fundamental so that you can hear sounds that can warn you of a danger, such as the beep of a car.

If you do not resist leaving the headphones at home, try to put the music low enough so that it does not suppose total isolation of the environment that surrounds you. And be careful to get excited and turn up the volume when your favorite song arrives. Another option is to use only one headset so that you have at least one free ear to listen to what is happening around you.

A little more security

There are security measures that never hurt, like making sure that there is someone who knows the route you are going to take. If possible, go running with at least one other person, but if not, take a phone with you that allows you to be always located. If running at night is going to become a habit you can invest in a Run Angel, a kind of clock that emits a strong alarm if activated in case of emergency.

And although it is never foreseeable to suffer an accident, it is important that you carry identification with your personal information, such as name, contact telephone number and even blood group, so that they can assist you in case of emergency.