The widespread reality has been one of the issues that Qualcomm spent more time last week at its last conference the Snapdragon Tech Summit 2019, its flagship conference processors. Beside her, other interpretations of the world around us intertwined with virtual doses have also been present, as proposed by the glasses mixed reality of Nreal.

This prototype, which was presented at the beginning of this year, is at the gates of starting its definitive commercialization, scheduled for the beginning of 2020. The developers, in fact, have already been able to order their test sets in order to start implementing their software on these computers, which we have now been able to test in order to know the proposal of this firm that aspires to the common of people can make use of the Nreal Light, the name with which they have baptized the model.Nreal reality glasses

Mixed reality, controversial design

If the NrealLight stands out for something, it is precisely because of its weight and the format that we can appreciate with respect to other market proposals. As for the first, a total of 88 grams is the number they offer in their only existing version. Although it is acceptable and they do not become too uncomfortable, the fact that they only have one size is a clear problem with regard to compatibility with all users, since the adjustment that can be made to achieve a correct grip is minimal.Nreal reality glasses

Nreal Light mixed reality glasses

When it comes to merging technology with the daily context, there are several challenges to face in the face of an implementation that does not generate friction within the standards and, although the zeal with which various manufacturers have been trying throughout The years have been notorious, few have achieved success in their efforts. Nrealis not one of them.

Although it is clear that the design of the NrealLight is not as coarse nor has dimensions as bulky as most of the virtual reality products that we can find today, it is also that they do not go unnoticed. Even less if we opt for one of the bright colours in which they will be sold. The result is none other than, when one sees oneself with them on, the last of the thoughts is that at some point they can be considered as a daily clothing accessory or minimally linked to terms of styling.

In search of uses

Despite the aforementioned aesthetic aspect, the truth is that the Nreal Light composes an interesting proposal when it comes to combining the virtual possibilities of this type of devices in a wide range of day-to-day situations. Compatible with Android smartphones that have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 854 processor onwards, they are able to project on the field of vision of all kinds of visual resources, from games to videos, using the phone itself as a virtual controller.

The developers are also working on other applications focused on the workplace, such as those designed to offer technical support. In a case of use that we have been able to witness, a person who faces a hypothetical problem to fix a component of a computer establishes a connection remotely with a specialist who proceeds to provide assistance in order to solve this eventuality.

Nreal Light mixed reality glasses

Nreal Light glasses, in this frame in question, are able to perform a scan of the piece with malfunctions and transmit the image directly to the technician who, through a certain software, can make notes and show instructions directly on the field of vision of the glasses. In this way, whoever wears them is able to directly witness the relevant indications.

Accessible to the general public

The former is only one of the many uses that mixed reality glasses can offer in a daily context, providing useful elements to the user without having to completely isolate the user from the rest of their environment. It is in this type of professional situations, despite the open and dynamic approach that they seem to want to give from Nreal, where products like this may make more sense in the near future.

The NrealLight will begin selling in early 2020 for anyone who wants to get a unit at a price of $ 499.