Packaging In eCommerce

Packaging eCommerce is really very important for the brand owners. The world of eCommerce is going bigger day by day and growing indisputably. So, with this higher growth of eCommerce, there come more and more challenges for the brand owners or people like you.


As online shopping is getting famous day by day so it is important to satisfy your customers the way as “wow” and one way to offer this experience is with “Personalized Packing”.

The different survey in different countries showed a strong correlation between the packing design of a product and the product received by the customer, with a personalized box, you ensure that the first time your client will come into physical contact with your brand and will be thinking “wowww”

Follow the below-mentioned Quotes

“The first impression is the deepest.”


“The first impression is the last impression of any person”

Display your product in such a way that your customer form an opinion of your brand/product in less than a second after seeing. This is where the brand of your online store comes into play.

Always remember, that your brand is much more than a logo and colors. With your brand, you present yourself to the world and with your packing style is another way and also your customer service is the part or your brand.

There is a question. In the online word if a customer purchased your product, and his money came into your pocket, then, why should I continue to interact with them?

 Once the customer purchased your product, then the most difficult part has been started.

The Buyer truest you and they have given money so they expect that you will send them the exact product they have ordered.

And you send the product and thinks “Your job ends” Rights?

You are 100% wrong.

Your customer has many expectations which you have to meet.

My experience shows that many online shoppers remain uncomforted for multiple reasons.

So, what can you do?

Absolutely exceeds the expectations of your customers.

When your client is delighted, he knows that buying your product was the right decision.

High-quality packaging plays a very important role to increase the satisfaction ration of your customers.

As mentioned above the first impression is the last impression.

Let’s have an example, what did you remember the last product which you purchased and open from Amazon

It was the standard Amazon box; nothing was special.

But the reality is that it is still a personalized packaging eCommerce.

Because Jeff Bezos and his team know the importance of the first impression.

Just think if your customer has your product in their hands for the first time and they think ‘ wow, I really got a lot more than I expected ‘.

Some ways

  • Including a free discount voucher for your next purchase.
  • A leaflet that shows how your customer can get the best out of your product.
  • Quality customer service and fast delivery
  • A Thank-you note

Thank-you note

What is the purchase process?

  • Someone buys your product.
  • Then they pay for it.
  • You deliver the product.

And the process is complete.


If you want to build a long-term relationship with your customer. Then you have to do something more.  Like

  • Purchase a customer relationship software and add up your customer name phone and address when they try to contact you. Say hello with their name customer get impressed.
  • Handwritten thank you note in the box.

Customized packing paper

When you pack your product, it is really important that product fits into you the box with a customized parking paper or tissue.

When customer open the box a delicate piece of silk with your brand name comes out with a fragrance.

Why we are doing this all?

Because a book is always judged by its cover.

Therefore, it is important that your client will judge you, and you have to leave a good first impression on him.

Good packaging eCommerce always proves that you are professional. People always trust professional brands.

When you purchase a new phone. See below mention picture how it’s unboxing looks likes.


iphone un-boxing

In fact, the packaging eCommerce is the one an important piece of marketing that reaches 100% of your customers.

Social Networks

Social networks now play an important role in our life. We share each and every part of our life on social networks like going shopping, eating food in a restaurant and share pictures.


You probably did it too, right?

Some share the picture of the latest things which they just purchased and love it. This is the importance of packaging eCommerce.

Have you seen videos on youtube or other channels with the titleThe unboxing…

Let’s have look on a video.


Let’s come back to the topic.


Stickers play an important role as well, depending upon the product, just insert some stickers in it. Like if the product is baby related, put some cartoon sticker in it, etc.

packaging eCommerce

 Custom packaging tape

As mention above fist look is very important. So try to use custom packaging table with your brand name it.

OR you can use custom packaging tape with your logo on it or anything attractive.

Your brand becomes a lifestyle

 Wood Wool

packaging eCommerce

You have seen how your packaging attracts your customer with the principles of your brand, your vision, and your logo.

Let’s have a look inside of the box, use anything attractive like slick with your logo or name, or there is a very special thing wood wool.

The texture and color of the wood give off a natural look, it is ideal for natural products