Protect yourself with Virus and Trojans

Today we are going to disclose how to Protect yourself with Virus and Trojans, In daily life, You hear words like a virus, Trojans, worms, etc. Majority of nonprofessional people don’t know the difference they just know the word “VIRUS“. Let’s have a close look.

What is Virus?

The virus is a collection of some programming script that comes from outsources platforms like  (External Drives, LAN , MAN or WAN) therefore they performs the different unexpected tasks.

So a common task is to execute in memory and perform unexpected heavy action. Therefore, your machine gets slower and slower. Following are the other major tasks performed by the virus.

  • Unexpected computer behavior.
  • Unexpected data loss
  • Computer crashes
  • Deleting files
  • Reformatting Hard Disk
  • Overload computer Memory.

Following are the main 10 sources of Virus

  1. Sharing Files with other users
  2. Sharing Photos
  3. Visiting an infected website.
  4. Visiting non secure website.
  5. Download free games.
  6. Install the software by unknown resources.
  7. Opening Spam Mails.
  8. Downloading toolbars.
  9. Install fonts by unknown resources.
  10. Unknown System utilities.

What is Trojan?

A Trojan is a software, that looks genuine but executes a code behind. Like if you have a pirated operating system and you found a software that can activate your operating system and you execute it and your O.S get activated. But besides you never know the real story behind it.

No one have free time to create free software that helps you out.

Actually when you execute such software, and you allow it to access your information, so it is actually coping your personal information like Credit Card Detail, Debit Card Detail . Anything which you have in your computer is on risk and you even don’t know.

Protect yourself with Virus and Trojans
Protect yourself with Virus and Trojans

Virus and Trojans … How to get Protected?

OK, I guess now you understand the meaning and purpose of virus and Trojans and why people create software that cracks paid software and you can use them free of cost. Very Funny lol. Let’s see how to get rid of virus and Trojans.

Operating System:

You should get an original operating system from OS Providers like Windows etc.  Get rid of all pirated Operating Systems. They are itself virus. Just think why someone create pirated windows and spread them free of cost. To make it pirated , it takes to much time.

Use Original Software:

Always try to use original software provided by companies. Most importantly do not use a kind of crack software to activate the trial base software into activated.

Safe Internet Browsing:

A major source of the virus and especially Trojans is internet suffering. For example, you receive an email in which it is mentioned that after the draw you won 45,000 USD , please find the attach form fill it and send back to us. God its really funny.

Actually, there is a Trojans file attached with the email and when you allow it to download into your system, you are allowing to access all your personal information to that Trojan person or company.

Never ever download unknown .exe files from the internet.

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