Rent a Car in England: Complete Guide to Rent a Car with Success

You want to move around England and you consider that the best means of transport in the UK for you is the car. You also think that buying one can be too expensive, so you want to rent a car in England.

Renting a car in England is something that is done more and more because Google can get to appear many companies dedicated to it and more than 250,000 results.

In this post, we are going to give you some tips to rent a car in England as well as the requirements that you must meet and some prices and companies.

Rent a Car in England: Tips to Follow to Rent

Think you need two or three days to adapt to the new car. You can follow the advice we give you in our post on how to drive in England.

1. Do not stay in the first car you see.

  • The offer is really wide, so you will find many different companies that have different prices and also different models.
  • Search with time and you will find the best offer to rent a car in England.

2. Choose a car that suits your needs.

  • As we say, you can find different models, mostly the typical ones that are conducted in England. At first sight, you may not even recognize the brand, but the important thing is that it serves the type of trip you want to make.

3.  If you go in high season hire online.

  • Renting a car in England can be expensive due to the high demand, and if you go in times where tourism is higher, it will still be less economical.
  • If you hire online the price will be lower and, in addition, you can easily see all the vehicles they have and compare them.
  • It also gives you the peace of mind that when you arrive at your destination you will already have your car and you will not have to waste more time renting a car in England.

4. The prices of rental offices are usually higher and, in addition, you will not have so much diversity to choose from.

  • It may be your turn to renting the only car they have and that is not right for you, or that you then have to go looking at other companies and lose time because they do not have any.

5.  If you have to return the car at the airport.

  • Make sure you arrive well in advance. Maybe the procedures you have to do take time and you risk losing your flight.

6.  Before picking up the car.

  • Look carefully at all the exterior and interior of it to make sure of the conditions it is in.
  • If you see something wrong, such as a blow, some line or something, communicate it and make pictures so that later they will not charge you saying that you have done it.

7.  Do not trust all web pages where you c compared prices of various companies hire.

  • The reason why you should be careful with these web pages is that they usually have contracts with some companies and they will recommend the most convenient offer for them, not for you.

8.  Before renting a car in England or in any other country.

  • It is important to always read the section “Terms and Conditions”, which is usually well hidden and written in very small print, to take into account all hidden extra charges.

Rent a car in England: What requirements must you meet?

In order to rent a car in England, you must meet a series of requirements:


Although the legal age to drive in the UK is 17, to rent a car in England you must have at least 22. In addition, drivers under the age of 25 are asked to pay a fee for being a ” young driver “.

Still, it is better to make sure in advance, as there are companies that ask you to have at least 25 years to rent any of their cars.

Driving license

For starters, your Home Country Licence is valid to rent a car in England. Still, it does not hurt to get your international driver’s license, just in case.

If your driver’s license has the photograph included, you will not have any problem with the documentation to rent a car in England.

Otherwise, you will be asked for some photo identification (passport, ID, etc.) along with your driver’s license, at the time of renting a car in England.

In addition, drivers whose license is less than one year old may not rent.

Most companies to rent a car in England are going to ask you to take more than one or even two years with a driver’s license. 

Make sure your license is perfectly visible, as all driver’s licenses whose paper is damaged will not be accepted as valid.


You should always bring your driving license, your ID and the credit card with which you can rent a car in England.

Initially, if you are travelling in the United Kingdom, you may need a flight ticket to leave the country to rent a car in England.

In the event that you are living in the UK, you can ask for proof of address, such as an invoice, in which your name and address appear.

It can also happen that they ask you to check your license online if you have a UK card, as they can see if you have penalty points.

Prices and companies to rent a car in England

As we have already said, renting a car in England can be simple but at the same time complicated by all the different companies, there are.


At the moment you have to decide for one company or another you should know that there are many companies dedicated to it and where you can rent a car in England.

On the one hand, you can find international companies, which you can also find in Spain and other countries. Some examples are  Hertz ,   Sixt ,  Enterprise , Alamo , Budget , Avis , National Car ,  Dollar Thrifty or Europcar .

These types of companies have a great offer since they often change their models frequently. They also have promotions and more if you book in advance. That does not mean that their prices are entirely economic. You will have to search to find the best offer.

Then we have the local companies to rent a car in England. The prices of these companies will be, surely, cheaper than in the international ones. The but is that they will not have as many models as the others and that it will be difficult to hire him before on the Internet.


You can also access the best prices from different companies thanks to car rental comparators. An example is RentalCars. This comparator works with international companies and also with local companies.

Pick up and deliver the car

Most companies have an office at airports. Here you can rent and leave some insurance. There are also in train stations and some in other parts of the city.

In the case that they do not have the car that you have rented, they must give you one of the same category(sometimes even better). They deliver it to you with the full tank and you will have to deliver it the same. If you do not fill the deposit, they charge you more than it would cost you to fill it out.

Prices and conditions of car rental

We can not give you an exact price to rent a car in England, since they can vary a lot depending on the company and the type of vehicle you rent, for how many days … there are many factors. 

Normally you have to pay online if you hire from the web, but in many companies, the payment is not made until the time of picking up the car.

Always look first online because if you make the online payment you can get better prices.

Keep in mind that when you buy in a comparator, you pay the price they give you but there are no supplements. These should be paid to the company when you go to pick up the car and can go up a lot.

Another thing to keep in mind the price is insurance. Normally basic insurance is included as theft or collision and if something happens they can charge you exorbitant amounts.

Consider if you want to increase insurance coverage, and think about this when you rent the car because you can double the price shown on the internet. 

Finally, you should know that if you deliver the car in a different place than the collection, it is quite likely that you will be charged a supplement. Find out more about it to know what price it would be.

When you rent the car you think that your equipment is basic. Always look if they have what you really want or need, such as a GPS navigator or even air conditioning. If at the end you decide to add something at the last minute, the price would also increase. 

Is it safe to rent a car in England?

As we have already told you, you have to be careful with the company you choose. With the international ones, it is more difficult to have problems since they have everything quite re-established.

With the premises, you should not have any sense you are seeing in person what they offer you.

Even so, you have to have everything well looked and studied because renting a car in England to travel the country, or part of it will give you great flexibility both in schedules and routes, which other means of transport do not give you.

I hope these tips about renting a car in England will be useful and that you do not panic if you find it hard to get used to driving on the left. If you have any questions or you want to tell us about your experience, we’ll read you in the comments🙂

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