Save the life of a girl with leukemia with an HIV treatment

 Leukaemia. found in her body after her birth, and doctors said that the type of blood cancer that afflicted Emily, the cure rate of which exceeds 85%, with chemotherapy, According to the official website of the “Parker Institute” for cancer immunotherapy, but the situation with Emily was different, especially after her relapse for two consecutive times after being exposed to radiological and chemical sessions, until a medical report was issued from the hospital that the ratio Its lifespan does not exceed 1%.

Where showed the bone marrow transplant that it was the only solution, but the disease spread faster than the treatment effect until things reached the entire cells of her body, and her parents said: “We are ready to crawl to the North Pole in order to treat it.” With no other options, he reached The parents of the child, Tom and Carey, are in contact with the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia where the first phase of “magic” immunotherapy for children, called “CAR-T Therapy,” a technique developed by Dr Carl Jun at the University of Pennsylvania, began using one of the sterile patterns of HIV Human immunity “AIDS” to transfer cancer-fighting genes to their cells T, which is called (disease-fighting cells).

According to the “Daily Mail”, which published the story since its inception, the goal was that its immune system is reprogrammed to identify cancer cells and start killing them. Dr John, director of the Parker Institute Center at the Pence Abramson Cancer Center, spent more than two decades From the time in the search for treatment of infected cells in the laboratory, it was a risky approach and few believed that the immune system could be trained in cancer treatment, though, experiments in mice and humans in the early stages of adults with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia revealed (CLL), about the great potential of A new approach, Emily became the first child to receive investigative cellular therapy in a clinical trial led by Dr Stephen Group at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia (CHOP).

Emily waited for six long weeks to remove the immune defence elements from her blood, called T cells and was reprogrammed to multiply in the laboratory with the aim of fighting the infected cell, and then the immune elements programmed into the blood were pumped again. The treatment came with serious side effects at first, After the third and largest infusion of the programmed kettle, Geith Emley’s temperature rose to 42 degrees, her face swelled, and her blood pressure decreased, which was accompanied by difficulty breathing because the fluids flooded her lungs, which forced doctors to put her on a ventilator in order to keep her alive.

On the other hand, the immune system was responding to treatment, as the side effects mentioned are not fatal, but rather caused by the spread of “cytokine” syndrome, where we are facing a situation of “excessive immune system”, according to the doctor who supervises the Emily incident, but sadness It was when the results were released and Emily did not improve, and even her chances of survival diminished, as doctors told her parents that she had one out of 1,000 chances to survive that night. This type of medicine is used for cancer patients.

In the end, Emily escaped death, woke up from this experience on her seventh birthday, and all the medical staff sang for her. Subsequent tests stunned everyone, cancer had shockingly disappeared, and her T cells are still ready, to fight any new cancerous cellular growth Today, Emily, after seven years free of cancer, completes fifteen years of age, and has recovered the radiance of life, after she was threatened with losing her since she was a child. YouTube with her Pomabo dog, according to her story She wrote it on her own website and famil

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