Scientists warn that putting children in front of the screens in the morning increases the risk of speech problems

A recent study showed that children exposed to screens/Mobile on their diversity of television, game consoles, telephones, computers and tablets, during the morning before going to school faced a three times higher risk of developing speech disorders.

The study, whose results were published on Tuesday in the weekly report issued by the French agency “SBF” f public health, showed that if these children had “rare or no” discussions with their families regarding what they see on the screens, they increase the risk of difficulties in pronouncing reality Six times.

“It is not important what time is spent in front of the screens, which is twenty minutes in the morning on average, as what affects the subject is at what stage of the day,” said Manon Collet of Rennes University, one of the researchers, told Reuters. “This will distract them.” And it makes them less able to learn. “

The study did not conclude with a direct causal link, but it established a certain statistical correlation supported by the results of the originally published medical study, according to the researcher, and the use of digital media has increased significantly over the past decade, including young children who have been watching TV and using computers, video games, tablets and phones Smart, according to study authors.

Previous studies showed that children exposed to screens interact less emotionally with their surroundings, although this is essential for the development of their psychomotor abilities, including especially the development of their speech, and the study dealt with 167 children with speech disorders and 109 others in a sound condition. Children whose disorders are due to diseases or disabilities (such as congenital diseases, neurological and psychological disorders, and hearing problems) were excluded from the study, and children in this study spent an average of an hour and a quarter every day in front of the screen

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