Spanish Dentist in the United Kingdom: Complete Guide to Visit the Dentist in the UK

If you live in the United Kingdom, going to the dentist would not be an exception. And if you’re not from there but you’re going to spend a few days, months or years, certain questions will come up: which one do I go to? For the private or the public? Is it very expensive to go to the dentist in the United Kingdom? Spanish Dentist in the United Kingdom

That smile does not stand alone with triple fluoride toothpaste and a 1.5-volt electric toothbrush with interchangeable heads, right? At some point in our lives, everyone has to go to the dentist, no matter how much it hurts. Spanish Dentist in the United Kingdom

We are going to respond little by little to these and more questions in this article about going to the dentist in the United Kingdom.

How is the Dentist of the British Public Health (National Health Service)

First, there are two types of dentists: those that are completely private, which of course are paid, and others that have signed agreements with the National Health System (NHS, something like the British Social Security ) by which they are allowed to perform some services. They are recognized because at the entrance of the clinic they have the typical poster of the NHS.

Remember that you must register at a health centre if you want to receive medical assistance during your stay if it is a medium-long term.

What you have to do in any case is register at the dentist’s clinic as a client or potential client. The best thing here is to ask, they will only ask for your data and your NHS number, and then you fill in a small questionnaire about allergies, history and so on.

As a tip, say that it is recommended that you register in a centre that offers both public and private services. That way you’re covered, no matter what happens and everything in one place.To be able to discern, these are the dentist services offered by the NHS :

  • Dental cleaning
  • White Fillings
  • Orthodontia to minors
  • Root canals
  • Crowns and bridges

The problem of private clinics: the price. It is expensive. If we make numbers, approximately 25-30% more expensive than in Spain. Everything depends, of course, on the prestige of the dentist’s clinic, the economic situation of the patients, etc.

One thing to keep in mind if you go to the public is that the price is unique. That is, imagine that you have to make an intervention and it costs £ 150. If you have to do it in two days they are not twice 150, but £ 75 in each visit. Even if they have to refer you to another dentist, as long as it is the same treatment.

You always have the option to call 111 and to be informed of what to do in case of an emergency. There are some hospitals (such as King’s College Hospital in London) where there are free consultations at 8 in the morning. If they attend you, they will do something temporary, nothing definitive. It is something to alleviate temporarily.

Where are there Spanish Dentists in London, Manchester and Bristol

Indeed, in the United Kingdom, you can also find a dentist with attention in Spanish. It is important to know, you always stay calmer if you understand perfectly what they are telling you.

In addition, you also understand without problems the treatment you have to follow. Let’s look a little at some of the clinics that speak Spanish so you know where to go.

Spanish Dentist  in London

  • Spanish Dentist London: one of the best known, they have two clinics in London, north of the city. The dentists are Spanish and offer all kinds of treatments. Your phone is 0753-857-3387, and you can write to them by mail: [email protected]
  • Elite Dental Surgery: the team speaks three languages ​​and they are in the heart of London. They have services of surgical and orthodontic specialities and restorative and aesthetic dentistry. The telephone number is 020-7283-7907 and the email [email protected]
  • Apple Dental Care: belongs to the NHS, also gives private service and several of its professionals also speak Spanish. They have several clinics in London. The phone is: 020-7610-0101
  • A Silva Dental Studio: It’s in South London, in the Elephant and Castle, and it’s led by Andrea Silva. She is a Colombian dentist who perfectly attends her patients in Spanish. Telephone: 020-3620-9616, and its website is this one.
  • ODL Dental Clinic: There are several Spanish doctors in this clinic, such as doctors Inés Frühbeck and Sara Cabrero or doctor Enrique Rodríguez, so language is not going to be a problem. They employ high technology and guarantee that they give you back the money if they do not leave your teeth straight. A small luxury The phone number is 020-7739-3345 and here is the ODL Dental Clinic website.
  • Smile Dental Clinic: There are several dentists in Latin America on the team, so Spanish is not a strange language in this clinic. It is in the heart of London, it is Westminster, specifically at 25 Devonshire Square. Your phone number is 020-7224-1402
  • Mint Dental Center: Four different languages ​​are spoken in this London clinic, apart from English, of course, Castilian, so if you are near the Oval station it is a good option. You can call them at 020-7587-0100.
  • Anna House Dental Clinic: It is north of London and belongs in part to the NHS system. They can attend you in Spanish, Polish and Portuguese. There is a specific telephone for attention in Spanish, 020-8808-0080.
  • Bow Lane Dental Club: You have to ask about Sandra García Martín, the Spanish dentist who works at this East London clinic. To be served you have to call 020-7236-3600
  • Todosalud Clínica Dental: At 243 of Maida Vale there are doctors Rafael Zarauz and Anabella Parras Garcés, where of course they will assist you in Spanish. You can call them at 075-3857-3387.
  • 1st Orthodontics: The contact here is Dr Carolina Veleiro-Rodríguez, the Venezuelan dentist. They work very well with children and patients with anxiety. They are in 1A of Freshford Street, Wandsworth. Here are his website and his contact telephone number: 020-8944-5545

Dentist in Spanish in Manchester

  • Andrew Shelley: it is a clinic in Manchester where Carlos Fernández-Campa Hernández works, an Alicante dentist. Always attend him in Spanish, you can call him on the phone and he speaks Spanish, Catalan and English. Phone: 077-8091-0850 e-mail: [email protected]

Dentist in Spanish in Bristol

  • In Bristol there is also a clinic with more than one Spanish dentist, you can call them at 077-0747-2654.

These are just some examples, it’s a matter of looking a bit and there are hundreds. Spanish Dentist in the United Kingdom

Go to the dentist in the UK: Vocabulary you need

To finish, we will make a small table of vocabulary in case we dare with English in a situation like this, or if we have no other choice.

EmpasteTooth filling
Dolor agudoAcute pain
Cotton pelletsBolas de algodón
Raíz dañadaDamaged root
Hilo dentalDental floss
Dentadura postizaDenture
Pasta con flúorFluoride toothpaste