Top 10 Technical Angular 2 interview question answers

The angular graph is going upward day by day. Companies are shifting their products from other technologies to Angular 2. So I’m going to explore Angular 2 new Technical Questions.

First of all, we will share some interview tips and tricks.


Offcourse confidence is the main key in the interview, never ever lose confidence.

Wrong Answer:

Never try to give the answer to a question which you don’t know, the interviewer know that their working environment is different, the thing which you don’t know, they will teach you. So never ever give the wrong answer it will go negative.

Be ready for off-side or illegal and inappropriate questions

Just take if funny and try to resolve the puzzle, if you can’t just say you will try to resolve and for the illegal question, I’ll just say B-Positive.

Don’t forget to bring your resume with you.

Bring a copy of your resume to all interview, don’t think that you have already submitted or else. Resume always goes to the HR department. so it’s a good practice to bring your resume to every interview.

Here are some technical interview questions with answers of Angular 2

What is the difference between Angular and Angular 2.?

The main difference is Angular use controllers and $scope while in Angular 2 they are replaced by components and directives

What are the main features/components of Angular 2

Angular 2 has the following components −

  • Modules − Code is Break into small pieces like layer architecture and each has piece perform own task.
  • Component −The main feature of the component is to create UI widgets.
  • Templates −  The simple it is the view in angular application.
  • Service − Main feature is to get data or can be used to share data between components.

What is Angular RouteParams?

In angular routing, if you want to send some parameters along with URL then @RouteParams is used.

How you can convert a string into percent without formula

Use percent pipe

A: {{a | percent}}

B: {{b | percent:’4.3-5′}}

What is the difference in usage of Constructor and NgOnlnit w.r.t Angular 2

NgOnInit is used for initialization of work while Constructor is used for initialization of Class.


How many types of validation Forms Angular provide?

Angular Provide two types of validation Forms

  • Reactive forms
  • Template-driven forms
How can you pass data from child component to parent component ?

Using @Output()

Can you pass optional parameters to custom pipes?

Yes, we can pass optional parameters to our custom pipes.

How many categories of Pipes in Angular 2 ?

There are two categories of pipes in Angular 2.

  • Pure
  • Impure

What is router-outlet ?

Router-outlet is used when you call a route, then the existing view will be replaced with the new called view.