WhatsApp bug that allowed to install spyware

WhatsApp Bug. WhatsApp suffered a serious security failure due to a problem in the call function.

Taking advantage of this bug, attackers and hackers were free to install spyware on your device by simply making a voice call. This is possible in both iOS and Android, whether the call was answered or not.

It can be installed on any device without user permission. And in some cases, the call disappeared from the registry, so you can’t find anything. This is what happened.

A group of hackers installed spyware called Pegasus due to this WhatsApp Bug, spyware that had an impact in Mexico because it was used to spy on journalists and activists. Facebook took less than 10 days to make the corresponding changes to solve this.

Although we do not know how many users were affected, Facebook says it was a small group (mentioning that it was targeted) due to the complexity of the hack, and the rapid action of their team.

Today it has been revealed by BBC that who was behind this WhatsApp Bug.

Who is behind the software or WhatsApp Bug?

The NSO Group is an Israeli company that has been referred to in the past as a “cyber-arms dealer”.

NSO’s flagship software, Pegasus, has the ability to collect intimate data from a target device, including capturing data through the microphone and camera and gathering location data.

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