ZTE’s Nubia Red Magic 3 Gaming Smartphone Launches Worldwide!

Nowadays smartphone competition is going harder and harder. Companies are trying to pull out phones with the best hardware and low in price. ZTE is going to launch Nubia Red Magic 3 with perfect hardware. This new gaming smartphone offers flagship chipset and 12 GB RAM.

Nubia Red Magic 3 – What is the Flagship?

Flagship means the products which will get a lot of revenue for a company within no time. Like Samsung Galaxy was the flagship model of Samsung company.iPhone 4 and 5 were the flagship model of Apple company and most important Nokia 3310 was the flagship model of Nokia Company.

Coming back to Nubia Red Magic 3 the most important thing in this model is 2 types of internal cooling and 8K and 1920 fps slow-mo video recording.

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ZTE install only one camera on the backside, this may be because it’s a gaming model, but the thing is it perform 8 K movie/video recording 1920 fps video shoots. The sensor is the 48 MP I.M.X 586, and an f/1.7 lens.

Cooling Feature:

The most important problem in today’s phones while playing games is heating. Phones get heat up so quickly and if we don’t care it may cause damage. Especially if the phone is in the hand of our child. ZTE resolve this problem, they  include 2nd Gen. ICE liquid cooling system in this model and actual cooling fan which cool down  the phone temperature with 16 degrees C, that I guess should be enough once the battery is 100 % charge, mean after that battery will be finished and you have to put phone on charge.

Additional key of Nubia Red Magic 3:

This model has an action button on the top right side which perform as an additional key while you play games. You can also use the diamond-shaped fingerprint scanner on the back shown in the below snapshot.

ZTE gaming smartphone

As you play games with this gaming smartphone so it has a 5,000 mAh power cell with 27 W fast-charging, supporting Power Delivery.

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